West of England, UK

Bio: Learning to be a disciple of Jesus whilst helping others to see that the whole of their life matters to God! I am a Regional Minister (catalyst pioneer and planting) in the Baptist Union of Great Britain and an Associate with the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LiCC). Excited to discover the God-given potential in people, communities, and communities of Christ. Enjoy facilitating the birth and growth of new forms of church as well as helping churches transition to being more missional. Passionate about mentoring, leadership development, nurturing the growth of missionary disciples, and missional spirituality. I love trekking, science, and nature, and studied GeoScience as a first degree. I also enjoy singing! Over recent years, I have spoken on issues relating to gender-based violence in the UK and overseas. Prior to Baptist ministry, I led on pioneering projects relating to neighbourhood renewal, the street sex industry, homelessness, substance misuse and gang crime - primarily in the not for profit sector, but also on secondment to the Home Office. As part of this role, I supported churches with the setting up and running of innovative community projects and development of cross-agency networks. I have worked as a Housing Manager (Chartered Institute of Housing), hostel manager and toilet cleaner! I am a trustee with BMS World Mission and a former trustee with John Groom's Housing Association (now Livability.)

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