Part 2- Scribbles from my journal way back when…

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In my last blog, I explained that I would be posting some thoughts from some old journals that predated my training as a Baptist minister. The journals were written at a time when God was turning my understanding of what faith was, what ministry could be and who I was upside down. They are nothing particularly clever or even original, but just thoughts that seemed worth thinking at the time, that challenge me afresh every time I read them and that might be helpful pondering fuel for someone else.

So, here is the second set of musings, this time from my old red journal. And yes, I am currently imbibing another lovely cup of coffee!

  • ‘A missionary model of church calls us to move from understanding church as institution to movement, from structures that invite people into sacred space to a contagious spirituality that ‘invades secular space.’

How can we cultivate such a contagious spirituality? What will that mean for us in terms of our discipleship, holiness and ethics? Why do we so often separate disciplehip/holiness and mission…and at what cost?

  • How might church leaders (and how might I) develop a deeper understanding of society so that we can better develop skills that will enable us to develop a genuinely missional engagement with society?’ 



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